Broadhaven is an independent investment bank serving the financial services industry. We operate as a traditional merchant bank, where strategic and financial advisory services are offered alongside our investment capital.
As an independent investment bank, we provide strategic and financial advice on mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, valuation and capital structure to corporations, partnerships, institutions and governments. We offer our clients – who range from large, multinational corporations to emerging growth companies – sector expertise, deep industry relationships, and dedicated, senior-level attention. We are, first and foremost, independent, with loyalty solely to our clients. Unlike large investment and commercial banks, we do not engage in activities which present any conflicts with our clients. We are highly experienced senior advisors, providing advice based solely on our views as to what is best for our clients.

As an investor, Broadhaven focuses on early-stage opportunities within financial services and invests where technology and finance intersect. We seek to leverage our advisory expertise, substantial operating experience and our deep industry relationships to create value for our investors through long-term partnerships with exceptional companies and management teams. Our ability to assist portfolio companies in successfully navigating complex sector dynamics, developing partnerships with large institutions, evaluating acquisition-related growth opportunities, raising additional capital and selecting the optimal exit event differentiates us from other early-stage financial services investment firms.