Broadhaven Capital Partners
Growth Equity Investor in Financial Services
Broadhaven's private equity fund focuses on growth equity investment opportunities in the global financial services sector.

With over $100 million in capital available in our current fund, we seek to leverage our advisory expertise and deep industry relationships to create value for our investors through long-term partnerships with exceptional companies and management teams. Our ability to assist portfolio companies successfully navigate complex sector dynamics, evaluate acquisition-related growth opportunities, raise additional capital, and select the optimal exit event differentiates us from other financial technology investment firms.

Our targeted investments are in financial services businesses that are cash flow positive or with a clear path to profitability and which are led by proven management teams. We seek to invest between $5 and $15 million with the ability to invest greater amounts through co-investments by our limited partners. Our investments are intended as growth equity, including financing acquisitions and consolidation strategies. We are comfortable with minority or majority ownership positions.

We will also evaluate investments in early stage companies and buyout opportunities on a case-by-case basis. Investment advisory services are provided by Broadhaven Capital Partners, a Registered Investment Advisor.