Broadhaven’s advisory business provides its clients with pure, unbiased strategic and financial advice that reflects a deep understanding of their business. We offer our clients high-caliber advisory services based on our extensive transaction experience and deep domain knowledge in the financial services sector.

Broadhaven provides a wide range of advisory services across the spectrum of the financial services sector. As an independent strategic advisor, we are free of the conflicts that inherently exist within the large investment and commercial banks.

Mergers and Acquisitions
We provide M&A advisory services to some of the largest financial services companies in the world. These services include advice on valuation, alternatives, strategy and tactics, and financing. We also assist in negotiating and closing M&A transactions. Importantly, sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing at all, and as independent and conflict-free advisors, we provide that counsel as readily as the advice to engage in a transaction.

Sale Transactions
We provide advice regarding the sale of companies or assets within a company. This can range from a pinpoint approach designed to maximize speed and confidentiality to a broad sale process focused primarily on achieving the highest price. As in M&A transactions, we advise on valuation, facilitate the transaction process and assist in the negotiation of a sale. We understand that certainty of closing can be just as important as price, so we pay particular attention to the qualifications of prospective buyers, their tendency to retrade and their historic reliability for closing. As we are specialized advisors, we know many if not most of the potential buyers for assets in the financial services sector. As a result, we are well positioned to evaluate the relative likelihood of closing a transaction.

Fairness Opinions and Special Committees
We often provide advice and opinions to Boards and Special Committees in transactions involving potential conflicts of interest. Due to the complexity and possibility of litigation inherent in such assignments, we staff them with senior professionals, each of whom has over 20 years of experience and has served as an advisor in dozens of similar situations.

Corporate Finance Advisory Services
We often serve as an independent advisor to companies considering financing or refinancing transactions. We have broad experience across all parts of the capital structure, from senior secured debt to common equity and all the potential instruments in between. We often know and have experience in dealing with current debtholders, and we serve as a valuable source of advice in structuring the optimal transaction and provide advice throughout the execution process.